How Can I Be Sure I'm Hiring a Professional Graphic Designer?

How Can I Be Sure I'm Hiring a Professional Graphic Designer?

"I need a professional graphic design to do my logos, stationery, web design and brochures. I've met several graphic designers at networking groups. I've looked at a ton of web sites. How can I be sure I'm hiring a professional graphic designer that can meet all of my needs?"

A professional graphic designer will have a full range of services available to meet your needs. These include video work, photograph touch-ups, resources for quality and affordable printing, and other marketing services. The professional graphic designer also uses professional tools, like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop just name a few.

What services are they providing for their other clients? Do the services they provide cover a full spectrum of graphic services? Professional graphic designers will have access to and be using a wide variety of resources. You can ask for the full list of their services if they aren't already written out on their online website.

Did the services they provide include the following: logos, stationery, business cards, banners, marketing postcards, or advertising concepts?

Does the graphic designer you're considering have any experience in your field? Do they do work that you like and feel is effective? It's time for your personal taste to be brought into the decision making considerations. On a more personal front, which of the people do you think you'll like working with more?

Once you've considered all of these factors, a clear decision should emerge.
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